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What is The Tavern?

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The Tavern is a short-story oriented, event-driven “Socially Multiplayer Online Roguelike-like Roleplaying Game” (or a SMORRPG, for short), set in a pseudo-medieval sword and sorcery-like fantasy world. The game has a split focus between solo adventuring and socializing/interacting with other players in social hubs, aka taverns.

Taverns are gathering spots for adventurers and would-be heroes of all kinds, and serve as social hubs where the players can hang out, show off their characters, socialize and interact with other players in various ways. This is also where players can find Adventures.

An Adventure is a self-contained short-story where the player must choose a path through the world in order to finish the story and resolve the objective of the Adventure. Randomization, branching choices, unique events, rare monster encounters and special character class abilities all help making each adventure a unique experience for the player.


A summarized feature-list for the game:

  • Pseudo-medieval sword & sorcery-like fantasy world
  • Central hubs – taverns – for social interactions with other players
  • Multiplayer interactions through mini-games and duels in taverns
  • Story-oriented solo-adventures with random locations, events and encounters
  • Character classes with unique abilities and traits
  • Random monster encounters and rare events
  • Simple, turn-based combat
  • Limited demand on your time
  • Permanent death
  • Character customization
  • Barrel-smashing!
  • Powered by Unity
  • Developed for PC, Mac and Linux

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the game’s features, check the Features-page.


The taverns in The Tavern serve as social hubs where adventurers and would-be heroes meet up before and after their Adventures, and these are the places where players socialize, tell tales of their daring deeds and wild escapades, play drinking-games and sing drinking-songs and potentially engage in drunken brawls. It’s where they dance on the tables, gamble with dice or cards and rest after their latest heroic endeavors.

Adventures and Events

In The Tavern, an Adventure is a stand-alone, event-driven short story for solo players. Each Adventure takes the player through a series of random Event Locations, each with random Events that must be completed in order for the player to continue and eventually reach the final destination of the Adventure, where that Adventure’s ultimate objective can be completed. Adventures are exclusively found in taverns, and are either given out by NPCs or left as posts on bulletin boards for the player to find.

Character Classes

The Tavern features a class-based character system where each player first selects a base class for their character and then later on develops this character by picking advanced classes (described on these pages as “career paths”) that give them certain bonuses and penalties relative to the base class they originally picked.

Read more about character classes and career paths over on the Character Classes-page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Tavern has been under development since June 2013 by a small, two-man team at Way North Studios AS. The game is being developed on a shoestring budget, and in addition to in-house development we rely on both third-party freelancers and the Unity Asset Store for essential systems and/or GFX/Audio assets. You’ll find a full list of credits on the Credits-page.