Game Info – Taverns

About Taverns

Image of a prototype tavern building

Prototype Tavern Building

A tavern is a place of business where people – often the common people from any given tavern’s surroundings – gather to drink, eat and socialize. Many taverns also offer lodgings to travelers, and such taverns are sometimes referred to as “inns”, though in this game they are collectively called “taverns”.

In The Tavern, these establishments serve as the social hubs where adventurers and would-be heroes meet up before and after their Adventures. Taverns are where players socialize, tell tales of their daring deeds and wild escapades, play drinking-games and sing drinking-songs and potentially engage in drunken brawls. It’s where they dance on the tables, gamble with dice or cards and rest after their latest heroic endeavors.

There are numerous taverns in The Tavern. Each one is uniquely named, and they can be found in a variety of different environments – from small villages to dark forests to murky swamps to windy mountaintops. No matter the environment – or the name – each tavern has the potential to become host to a community of players who might see that tavern as their home.

Discovering Taverns

All new players start out in the same generic “newbie” tavern, which has a limited set of features compared to other taverns. However, as soon as players unlock a career path for their character, they may start exploring to find additional taverns. These taverns might be taverns that are being discovered by a player for the first time, or it might be taverns that other players have already encountered.

Either way, by becoming a Tavern Regular (read more about this below) at one of these taverns, the player may extend an invitation to visit the tavern to any other player – as long as these players have also unlocked a career path for their character.

Tavern Regulars

Every tavern in the game (except the generic “newbie” tavern) supports a limited amount of “Tavern Regulars”, who will receive benefits and privileges that casual visitors to a tavern will not. To become a Tavern Regular at any specific tavern, players simply have to mark that tavern as their favourite – though this is only possible if said tavern has not already exceeded the maximum amount of Tavern Regulars it can support. Tavern Regulars always return to their favorite tavern after each of their Adventures.

Tavern Mini-Games

Details on Tavern Mini-Games will be revealed later, but these will be social activities that players can engage in with other players, such as gambling with cards or dice, competing in games of skill, etc.